In the Name of God The Clement The Merciful 

Those who choose God, His Messenger and their believers as allies,

 are on the Party of God and thereforethe winners

       (Koran 5, Verse 56)

NOOR (Light) is an Islamic movement founded in Brussels, in February 1999, by     Mr. Redouane AHROUCH.
NOOR is fighting neither the Flemish nor the Walloons, only injustice and corruption.
Everywere in Belgium, people are rising up against the incompetence of the ambition of protecting our families by fighting the poison  of decadent materialistic thinking and gangrenous immorality that destroy the texture of society.
NOOR wants a society without drugs, without crime and prostitution,  allowing all to lead happy and productive lives. We know that religion provides the solution for the
problems we are facing.                                                                                              The Jewish/Christian values are no longer the foundations of the political orientations that have determined the future for all over the centuries.
The essential concern of NOOR consists in placing the individual in the centre of its political projects, in strict compliance with individual cultural and therefore religious specific features, ensuring those concerned of the most harmonious life possible within Belgian society.